Home Insurance: Policy Guidelines

Home Insurance Policy

Dangers and risks often times happen the least we expect. And when you are not prepared for these disasters, then there would be less expectation for you to recover what you have lost from this tragedy. This is why insurances exist, to protect our properties and other personal belongings in an inevitable situation. You don’t [...]

Home Building Insurance

Home Building Insurance

Imagine when your house is on fire or when nature unexpectedly strikes back at you causing terrible damage to your properties, especially the one you considered to be your home sweet home, that would be a terrible and the worst case scenario you would better not think of. But sometimes, unexpected events happen almost every [...]

What is Direct Home Insurance?

Direct Home Insurance

Insurance is important when you value all the possessions you have accumulated through hard work. As much as possible, we would like to protect it from any risky situations or further damage. Home insurance, on that matter, offers any homeowners a complete and necessary safety and protection for their house property. Sending your house in protection is [...]